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retinol accelerator

more flaking. better results.

Add Retinol Accelerator to boost and speed skin’s renewal process. It safely triggers light to medium controlled flaking post treatment for enhanced results.

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What it is
Professional strength gel-serum with 3.5% retinoid complex, 5% Niacinamide and penetration enhancers to boost treatment results from chemical peels and other skin resurfacing treatments.

Who it's for
Suitable for all skin types and recommended for clients who want more skin flaking, this is an ideal add-on to a resurfacing treatment like a chemical peel.

PRO retinol

Pro Retinol is the first skin service that unlocks the power of the world’s gold standard when it comes to targeting skin aging concerns: Retinol. This service infuses and layers professional grade retinols through NanoInfusion for maximum skin renewal benefits. Results are revitalized skin that is smoother and firmer. Flaking post-treatment is to be expected.