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why is education so important?

We are an education company first and foremost; our product line grew out of a desire to provide skin therapists with best-in-class skin care products. We provide skills based training for a global community of skin therapists who have one common goal: to ensure their clients’ best lives are lived in their healthiest skin.

education that works for you

access our advanced training

Dermalogica accounts have access to the entire curriculum of workshops covering treatments, technology, industry leading innovations and techniques to drive your business. At Dermalogica we support all aspects of your skin care business.

award-winning clear customer experience

When partnering with Dermalogica you gain access to our award-winning customer experience programme, CLEAR.
The programme develops and elevates customer service, communication, retail and technical skills to help you deliver strong connections and loyalty, optimal retailing and a memorable experience.

why education is so important for my business?