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dermalogica pro formulas

Dermalogica Pro formulas are designed specifically for professionals, accelerate results and boost recovery for advanced and micro-injury services, including microneedling, IPL, laser and injectables. Our unique Pro Power Peel line of chemical peels offers a flexible and customizable treatment approach.

pro restore

Pro Restore is a revolutionary, clinically proven treatment booster created to accelerate wound healing and dramatically reduce the downtime for micro-injury and advanced treatments. The first of its kind, the professional only formulation is designed to be used during the procedure to strengthen and support the skin’s barrier, and for 7 days post treatment to amplify results, control inflammation, aid hydration and increase firmness and elasticity within the skin.

pro power peel

Our Pro Power Peel collection can either be used individually for focused treatment, or layered to target specific concerns and yield high impact results.

Each professional peel formula targets a specific aesthetic or medical skin concern whilst supporting skin health. Our peels are well tolerated and suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

NEW! retinol accelerator

more flaking. better results

• Accelerates cellular turnover by triggering flaking post treatment
• Maximizes and speeds up results of a peel or other resurfacing treatment

light energy masque

Light Energy Masque works together with light therapy to amplify its effects. It helps support skin’s energy, smooth skin texture, diminish the look of lines and wrinkles faster than light energy alone and soothes and calms inflammation or redness from light therapy. It also works with IPL (intense pulse light) treatments.