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Cooling Biocellulose Masque is a professional cooling and hydrating masque that creates a hydrophilic barrier to help comfort skin while providing a long-lasting cooling sensation. The masque is saturated in a 20ml serum rich in Vitamin B5, a powerful skin hydrator, to help restore skin’s barrier. It is the perfect companion to your advanced services that may leave the skin in a state of inflammation, dehydration or general sensations of warmth or heat.

This masque is designed to elevate the post-treatment experience with Cooling Biocellulose Masque, delivering instant comfort and coolness to skin.

What treatments can it be used with?


•RF Microneedling

•Chemical peel

•Non-ablative laser

•Fractional laser


•Ablative laser (CO2 laser)

•Laser hair removal

•Advanced microdermabrasion

Protocols for these treatments with Cooling Biocellulose Masque are available in the Training Manual.

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Cooling Biocellulose Masque

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Cooling Biocellulose Masque

Training Manual