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meet dermalogica's pro pen

Pro Pen is a unique Microneedling and NanoInfusion system, all-in-one. Offering 4 cartridge options, allowing customization to match the skin needs of each client.

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behind the dermalogica pro pen

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the pro pen difference


wide variety of microneedling options.


complete system paired with professional products & education.

High standards:

following medi clinic standards for material, manufacturing methods and sterilization.

Cost effective

Less expensive/affordable pen and cartridges equals more profit for therapists.

pro pen in action

Unlike other pens on the market, the ProPen follows high standards of manufacturing to ensure maximum safety. The pen has unique ergonomics for maximum precision. With six speeds from 7500 to 8600 RPM, it is battery or cable operated to adjust to any environment.


Our training has been designed to give you ultimate confidence in using your device and maximising your treatment and revenue opportunities with in-depth knowledge and understanding of microneedling and nanoinfusion in practice.

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