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dermalogica expert (n)

the authority in skin and highest trained dermalogica professional, globally

what is it?

A 3-tier programme that rewards your hard work and knowledge by recognising your professional skills.
From hands-on learning at our Training Centres that’s immersive and interactive, to our online resources using live stream, we put knowledge at your fingertips.

What can Expert Status bring to your business?​
• Increase your retail sales by 30%​
• Double the skin treatments​
• Strengthen your industry credentials​
• Boost your confidence​
• Personalise each treatment to offer fantastic results​
• Receive awards and benefits for your business

why invest in the expert program?

For the qualified skin therapist
Strengthen your industry credentials and boost your confidence. Achieve fantastic results during every treatment and earn client trust in your professional recommendations. Elevate your passion for healthy skin and drive client results.
Be recognised with exclusive rewards and benefits.

For the business owner
The Expert programme training is free of charge, but we appreciate it’s not without cost to you, the business owner. Investing in Expert status will help recuperate the investment with increased services and improved retail sales. The Expert programme can be built into your training programme or agreement and is a great way to motivate staff and promote longevity.



expert status benefits

Reap the rewards of greater knowledge, greater profits and greater recognition.


A special badge next to your business on the store locator page on dermalogica.com.


The first time you achieve Expert Status you will receive your certificate, apron, badge and product

expert-only workshops

Exclusive invites to expert-only workshops to keep you at the top of your game.

How it works?


get certified

Start your education journey where you will gain product knowledge and how to provide the signature Pro Skin treatment utilising Dermalogica PRO formulas.


become a specialist

Learn to power up your treatments, utilise Dermalogica’s signature services, and enhance your hands on skills in the treatment room.


attain expert status

Attain our highest level of skin care expertise by completing four of our Professional Expert workshops. Receive your Dermalogica Expert pack and reap the rewards of greater knowledge, greater profits and greater recognition.


renew your expert status

Renew your Expert status each subsequent year by completing ANY three workshops of your choice between January and December.

View our Expert Pathway

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already an expert?

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