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C.R. Cooper - The Skin Theologian, Skin Health Equity Champion | Author

“Integral Mentors and leaders helped pave my way. I acknowledge there is a greater purpose for my present role in the industry. I'm here for others. I'm standing on the shoulders of incredibly courageous leaders so I gladly owe it to others coming up in this brilliant space of Skin Health, in any way I can.”

Charmaine Cooper, The Skin Theologian, is an award-winning influential International Speaker, esteemed author, and dedicated educator with over 27 years in the dynamic Skin Profession. Renowned for her passion and compassion, Charmaine’s ability to connect with diverse audiences is unmatched.

In her extensive career, Charmaine has cultivated a deep understanding that continual growth is the cornerstone of success. As an International Instructor and Corporate Trainer for 24+ years, she has honed the skill of bringing out the best in Skin Professionals, adult learners, and trainers. Her transformative work is dedicated to guiding individuals towards success.

With a global perspective, Charmaine resonates with industry professionals across continents, including South Africa, Australia, France, the UK, Amsterdam, Belgium, Canada, and the United States. She consistently addresses current Skin Health and Cultural matters, emphasizing her core value of empowering those around Melanin-Rich Skin, an underrepresented focus in industry resources.

Charmaine’s belief in the power of education extends from the classrooms of life to her role as a former National Education Manager and Master Educator at a prestigious Global Institute. She upholds organizational and individual industry standards, prioritizing professional and personal brand integrity, and recognizing the inherent value in every learner and student. Equity for all clients and Skin Professionals is a non-negotiable part of her equation for success.

Her impressive achievements span TV and print, recipient of ACA 2024 writer’s award for top trade magazine (Dermascope), including three book publications—The acclaimed “No Compromise Black Skin Care Guide” series (Vol.1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3), and MELANIN-RICH, her NEW 2024 Publication. Charmaine is sought after for international webinars, media engagements, and presentations, encompassing both keynote addresses and impactful in-spa workshop sessions.