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Caroline Armstrong

Beauty Ninety6
"I have been working with dermalogica since 2001, 22 years, it’s so hard to believe! I was trained with the grey book initially in my treatment room by my Dermalogica rep and honestly there were only about 25 products back then!
I love the way Dermalogica are constantly moving with fresh ingredients, new techniques and absolutely incredible training with every single addition.
It improves me as a skin therapist each year and increases my confidence in the treatment room and my confidence that my team are also delivering the same unbelievable results as I see when I treat my clients.
The business support I receive is extremely valuable to my business. During Covid times I made the strong decision to reopen Beauty Ninety6 focusing predominantly as a skincare Centre. This would not have been possible without the incredible support I received from Adrienne and the business support team. Daily guidance and help
with making that happen turned us into a Gold Circle account and growing the Beauty Ninety6 team.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next and excited to continue our Dermalogica journey."

Donna Wright

Look Wright
"I have been working with Dermalogica for the last eight months and my business continues to go from strength to strength , it was the missing link in my Aesthetics clinic.
Nowadays the beauty industry is growing faster than ever before with social media continuing to change and influence the way consumers discover new products and engage with brands.
Clients are now wanting skincare products that deliver clinical results and despite a recession and lockdown the industry continues to grow.
I decided to integrate Dermalogica in to my business and take it to the next level with higher client retention , improved treatment outcomes and higher profit margins.
By offering a well known curated line of skincare products, it compliments my existing services and helps my clients to make smart choices about skincare alongside Aesthetic treatments . I chose Dermalogica as it was backed by science, packed with proven ingredients , cruelty free and a recognised global brand .
The support I receive is endless right through to the successful click and ship program that gives me more cash flow, endless free marketing, an online presence , as well as increased revenue and the logistics are perfect."

Kelly Shaw

I was first introduced to dermalogica as a brand back in 1994 and immediately felt a connection, like I belonged. I was blown away by the education I received, and not just product knowledge, they taught me things about the skin I never even knew! It was this education that made me want to immerse myself in everything dermalogica!
When it came to opening my own business, k:SPA in 2008 there was no other choice for me but to use dermalogica as our brand. This decision wasn't based on the products (which are fantastic btw) but because of the support. As part of the 'Tribe' you feel connected to something bigger than just you and your business. The team is behind you wanting you to succeed and that education that drew me in at the beginning is still there and even better. I think of them as business partners, not just a brand whose products I use.