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We’re here to support you and help you and your students get the most from the training available.

Take a look at the training available for lecturers, nominate your Student of the Year and keep connected through our online communities.

training for lecturers

As a lecturer at a Dermalogica Partnership College, you have access to our comprehensive programme of Expert workshops for Professional Skin Therapists which bring you the most up to date and industry relevant information. Our workshops cover core product and service training, along with a seasonal selection of new subjects across skin, skills and business to enhance your expertise. Complete the pathway and achieve the ultimate mark of professionalism – the Dermalogica Expert Status. 

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Check out our calendar of Expert Workshops for lecturers to enhance your expertise

become a dermalogica expert

Reward your professional skills with this three- tier programme

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Track your progress and tick off your workshops as you go
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Take a look at our resources below to help your students get the most from each class. 

lecturer guide

Download an overview of all the training available to your students.

student of the year

Celebrate 2 students each year with the Student of the Year Award.

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Speak to one of our team on 01372 364 828 or email us. We're here to support you and your students make the most of the training available.

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Join us for our latest live events and lecturer catch ups.

dermalogica experience days

Your students can join us for in-person training at one of our training centres!

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Find all the resources you need to boost learning and share with your students

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Undergraduate Facebook Group

Connect with us and take a look at how we are supporting students. This is a private group exclusively for undergraduate students and lecturers where students can connect with us, learn about skin and engage with other students.

Dermalogica Professionals Facebook Group

Exclusively for Dermalogica Partnership Colleges.

Connect with fellow Professional Skin Therapists and find out the latest news and events for Dermalogica Accounts.

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Exclusively for Dermalogica Partnership Colleges.

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