Aspire skills award

8 digital interactive workshops designed to support students entering the exciting world of professional skin care.

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The Aspire Skills Series gives you access to the most up to date and industry relevant training, covering all aspects of skin care from retailing to client consultations and treatments, touch therapy to technology.

All Aspire Skills workshops are live on Zoom with two of our Expert Educators and are 1 hour long. 

Complete 4 out of 8 to achieve the CV enhancing Aspire Skills Award and unlock the next level of education.

complete 4 to achieve the aspire skills award

Aspire Skills Award

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Explore professional treatment protocols to complement facial units.
Discover the professional products and impactful hands-on techniques that make this 60-minute Dermalogica skin treatment the most popular and profitable service in any business. We will guide you through our unique modular  approach and how to maximise the client experience and skin results. 

Strengthen skin care knowledge to support retailing units.
Retailing starts with understanding how to build, adapt or enhance an at-home skin care regimen. Great communication skills and product knowledge help to build loyal customer relationships and increase retail sales. Learn more about product categories and formulas, and their impact on maintaining healthy skin for effective skin fitness plans.

Improve skin analysis skills and confidence identifying skin conditions.
Dermalogica’s Face Mapping is the service tool to help you understand how to read skin. This in-depth analysis technique provides the essential knowledge required to steer our professional  services and product prescriptions.

Connect skin and lifestyle to complement consultation units.
Client interactions always start with consultation. Learn how to discover more about who is inside the skin and how lifestyle impacts  the most common skin concerns. An informative session to include  consultation activities, skin care and treatment strategies.  

Skin preparation techniques to complement make-up units.
Learn how to quickly assess skin conditions and customise the preparation of skin prior to make-up application. We will walk you through a 10-minute SkinSolver service to include some of our hero products,  tricks, and professional hacks.

Discover current technologies to enhance facial electrical units.
From ultrasonic to hydradermabrasion, explore ways to amplify skin results within the treatment room. By combining professional formulations with the latest in skin care devices learn how skin care professional deliver both high tech and high touch services.

Understand alternative techniques to support massage units.
Explore one of Dermalogica’s most iconic massage techniques. Rooted in aromatherapy, pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage, this combination Touch Therapy delivers the ultimate client experience. Gain insight into impact of complementary techniques on skin and client wellbeing.

Initial introduction to chemical peels to support advanced facial units.
Learn why peels are high demand service and the skin benefits.  This session investigates critical health and safety protocols, application techniques and care of the skin pre and post peel.

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