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Exclusive to Aspire Skills Award Achievers, this series of webinars and d-learning modules will broaden your knowledge and understanding of what it is really like to practice as a professional skin therapist in everyday working scenarios.

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Designed to boost your employability prospects by offering knowledge, skills and insights into the latest industry trends and services, these workshops will accelerate your client awareness and commerciality which are highly sought-after by employers.

Each webinar is 1 hour 15 minutes long, they take place live via d-streaming once a term or you can access them on-demand at any time via d-learning. You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of each workshop.

Complete 6 to achieve the Aspire Employability Award.

complete 6 to achieve the Aspire Employability Award!

aspire employability award

Complete 6 webinars to achieve the Aspire Employability Award! Celebrate your achievement on our Undergraduate Facebook Group

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Prioritising customer care and wellbeing is the responsibility  of both the skin care business and the professional skin  therapist. From legal and ethical considerations to clear and  authentic interactions, conscious implementation of customer  care practices is essential for clients to feel safe, respected and  valued. Hone your awareness in this invaluable session.

Consumers are driven to purchase ethical brands that are transparent with their formulation approach. Understanding what is important to your customer will help you build trust and pave the way to customer loyalty. This session explores the customer’s skin, life and values which will influence their decision making and purchases.  Learn how to personalise recommendations for today’s savvy consumer.

Professional skin care consultations and tutorials are as  powerful online as they are in person. Using social media  and online platforms to effectively deliver virtual services to  customers has become an important new skillset for the skin  care professional. This session will teach you how to simply  and seamlessly transfer your professional expertise into the  digital space without losing your personal touch and human  connection. Includes best practice advice and an easy-to-follow protocol.

Delivering exceptional service experiences and sustaining your career as a professional skin therapists requires focus on your personal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This session develops occupational awareness, explores how to reduce risks and injuries, and provides strategies to boost all aspects of your health.

Maximising profitability requires good cost management. Every member of the team has a responsibility to keep unnecessary expenditure down and this useful session will elevate your skills on stock management. From understanding different types of stock, to stock rotation and managing expiry dates, this session will improve commercial awareness and business benefit of controlling costs.

Professional treatments are at the heart of the personal services sector and central to business success. This session explores service selection to deliver results and wellbeing benefits, uncovers the strategies to ensure you can maximise service profitability, and gives guidance on effective service promotion. Confidence to promote and communicate your services is essential for the skin therapist and a vital part of driving revenue.

A practical approach to delivering treatments for everyone. This session covers how to adapt treatments for a range of skin requirements or factors such as facial hair, sebum alterations or dermal density without the need for gender specific services. An important step forward for skin therapists delivering inclusive services.

Exploring polygenic inheritance and continuous variation in skin, this session is a must to build confidence in treating all skins. Proficiency in identifying conditions across all phenotypes, whilst recognizing genetic risk factors when recommending products or treatments remain critical skills for the practicing skin therapist. Practical application of skin knowledge is fundamental to achieving results.

With a business responsibility to demonstrate inclusivity, skin therapists are expected to know how to adapt protocols and procedures that ensure accessibility. This session delivers guidance on respectful and supportive communication, along with practical advice on modifications for safe and effective treatments. Essential learning for all practitioners. 

Healthy skin. Healthy planet. This session provides practical guidance for the skin therapist on how to be more sustainable in everyday working practice. Building conscious awareness, exploring innovations and refill, recycle and reuse programmes, and demonstrating alternatives that don’t compromise client safety are some of the key benefits of this module. 

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