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working with charities

Why do we work with charity partners?

Our values at Dermalogica are education, personalization and human touch. We know that education and skills change lives; we believe everyone deserves a chance at success; and our skin therapy skillset connects us with others in a unique and authentic way which can build skin and personal confidence. With these values at our core we are committed to making a positive impact on our industry and wider society through our programmes, our advocacy and our charity partnerships. We work with charities that have a similar focus and values to enable them to have a greater impact.

How do we work with charity partners?

We work with each charity partner to identify how best we can support them. This may include educational opportunities or collaborations, sponsored or subsidised training, pr and media coverage, targeted campaigns for fundraising, mentoring and coaching, work placements, resource or financial donations, or logistical support.

When do we do charity initiatives?

Dermalogica does not have a specific timescale for initiatives. We engage in different activities and initiatives all year round. We are careful to ensure that whatever we are involved in has authenticity and is not seen as leveraging a charity or their activities for unethical commercial gain. We recognise that some charities have focused activities at certain times of the year or may be engaging in wider consumer campaigns to maximise exposure or fund raising. We endeavour to support charities in the way that works best for them.

How do we select a charity partner?

Whilst we recognize that there are many excellent charities doing important and much needed work in a wide range of areas, Dermalogica chooses their charity partners using our Charity Partner Selection Framework. This ensures that we direct our energy and resources into the charities and initiatives where we believe we can have the biggest impact and that stays true to our brand purpose. It also means we evaluate charities fairly by having a consistent approach.

How long do charity partnerships last?

Each partnership length will be different depending on the needs of the charity. We will review each partnership annually to ensure we continue to drive impact.

How can Dermalogica support charities?
  1. Direct Financial donation
  2. Financial donation linked to sales or activity
  3. PR, promotion and community engagement
  4. Staff time or skills such as skin care skills, business skills or mentoring and coaching
  5. Business resource such as logistics, distribution or asset creation